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About BuddyLeauge.net

I created Buddy League for me and my friends, but decided to share it with the World. Eirik, creator of BuddyLeauge.net

The Start

Like many in their late twenties and early thirties, me and my friends suddenly found ourselves preoccupied with work, kids, and family with less time to spend with each other. At one of our few gatherings in 2012, a friend suggested to start an annual competition with montly events so we would get a good excuse to meet more often. It took 2 minutes for the seven of us to throw a $100 USD note on the table, and the competition was on.

After our first event in January 2013 (1000m ice skating), I searched for a good, online service that provided a way to keep track of the standings in our competition, but couldn't find something that suited our needs. Thus the idea of victory.im BuddyLeauge.net was born.

The Idea

BuddyLeauge.net should:

  • Provide the best website in the World for keeping track of competitions/tournaments.
  • Always offer a free way for users to create their own competitions
  • Be guided by the users' opinions and suggestions.
  • Respect each user's privacy

The Future

We are working on the following, and are always open for new ideas - email post |at| buddyleague.net!

  • Better first time experience/guidance for new users creating an account/adding a competition
  • Public profile/account pages for users + more comprehensive edit profile
  • Aditional diploma layouts + high resolution versions
  • Localization